1. Pirates Online Retribution needs Python Developers! If you are fluent in Python and are interested in helping bring back Pirates Online for good, then please email us at support@piratesonline.us! Please also be sure to check out the following Help Wanted thread!
  2. Ahoy there! Be sure to check out our brand new identity tags feature! We've officially integrated Facebook, Skype, Steam, Twitter, Youtube and many other social media outlets and gaming platforms into the Pirates Forums. You won't be disappointed! :)
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  3. Pirates MC is in dire need of some savvy builders. Help us in our endeavor to complete the unfinished builds still left on the official Pirates Online Minecraft server and receive some truly savvy rewards!
  4. Avast me hearties! This Thanksgiving, we'd like to remind ye all to Give Thanks to our wonderful team of developers, moderators, and sponsors for helping to make Pirates Online Retribution possible!
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  5. Pirates Online Retribution is now selling its very own t-shirts, and hoodies! If you're interested in layin' claim to one, be sure to head on over to this thread before they're all gone!
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  6. After several days of conversing with the bulk of our community, we have unanimously agreed upon a way to legally accept Forum donations. Users who donate will be gifted with a brand new "Supporter" nameplate along with several other unique abilities. You can donate directly here! :)
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