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New Profile Posts

  1. Mac Swordbreaker
    Mac Swordbreaker
    Why am I still here
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    2. KingMaddog
      just jump ship to TLOPO, its actually not that bad of a place.
      Nov 6, 2017
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    3. Mac Swordbreaker
      Mac Swordbreaker
      I've actually been playing tlopo for a while, but I always seem to come back here to see if there is any activity.
      Nov 6, 2017
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    4. KingMaddog
      nah this place is dead as door knobs, lol I knew they wouldn't last.
      Nov 15, 2017
  2. Robert Collins
    Robert Collins "OUTLAW44"
  3. Adrianna Angel
    Adrianna Angel
    Still here !!!!!
  4. Fortune Treasurestealer
    Fortune Treasurestealer
    new here, hope its better here then at pirates online, so much hate.
  5. Zeldakilla123
    Have a wonderful date lads plunder well and good hunting to you!!!
  6. Zeldakilla123
    Zeldakilla123 Pearson Wright
    Username is Zeldakilla123
  7. Zeldakilla123
    Zeldakilla123 Pearson Wright
    Yo can I please get a resposnse my pirate god membership I bought it and still can't log in and it won't show up that I am status pirate god Pearson Wright please help me with this I don't wanna waste another 400 some dollars on this!
  8. Pearson Wright
    Pearson Wright
    Retribution perseveres.
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  9. Adrianna Angel
    Adrianna Angel
    Thats all folks , amazing how the trolls continue on even though we shut down, just shows their mentality and boredom with tlopo or life!!!
  10. Eric Kealigal
    Eric Kealigal Pearson Wright
    Pearson Can you please unbann my account it is mcqueen
    1. Pearson Wright
      Sep 20, 2017
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  11. Finne
  12. henry crestmorris
    henry crestmorris Adrianna Angel
  13. RainbowPastel
    It's been a good run, mates. Fair winds!
  14. lVlAkira
    lVlAkira Natsu
    Is. Pirate God worth buying?
  15. Adrianna Angel
    Adrianna Angel
    Wrong side now has a monopoly on the game , now they can mistreat you and get away with it , no competition , no respect for community
  16. Adrianna Angel
    Adrianna Angel
    It was fun while it lasted
  17. Redraven
    Redraven Pearson Wright
    Hi Pearson - I am sorry you are resigning. I thought you were doing a great job amid all the b. s. going on around you. I didnt have the server channel for Discord so I hope you get this. My pirate status is Pirate God. So If you can update my status that would be great. Please help us get this game back. I so want it all good for everyone. Thank you for all you do and did. I know I appreciate it.
    1. Pearson Wright
      Pearson Wright
      Sep 15, 2017
  18. Adrianna Angel
    Adrianna Angel
    To the community , it was a pleasure to serve you , best of luck
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  19. Eric Kealigal
    Eric Kealigal Adrianna Angel
    Why is por closing?
  20. Mahroos (POTCO)
    Mahroos (POTCO)
    I have to say, though this project does deserve to die completely, and never return, it was a fun ride while it lasted. Fair winds mates.
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